By John D. Loudermilk
1963 Acuff-Rose Publ. Inc.

They just bought me a brand new evening dress for tonight
Oh, you'll like it Bill, oh, I know you will
But now you're callin' to say you can't make it tonight
Oh, tell me Bill, you're just kiddin'

What's wrong Bill?
Can't-cha get the car, Bill?
It's really not that far, Bill
Oh, I love you so

Now, what's wrong Bill?
Are you just broke, Bill?
Oh, I pray and hope, Bill
You haven't found somebody new

Now, dad will let us use their car if you can't get yours
And I've got some money, Bill, that I'll loan to you
But you just said again you can't even come by the house
I'm tryin' Bill, I'm cryin' Bill

What's wrong Bill?

(source: Standard Songs Pop/ Country/ Blues/ Folk/ Instumentals/ Novelty, Acuff-Rose Publications Inc. 1956-1973)

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