By John D. Loudermilk
Acuff/Rose -BMI

A little god of yellow light
Is having a doggone good time
Dancing in the eyes
That cannot love me anymore

An eagle screams high in the cliffs
And all at once
The hair stands up all over me
And my heart slips

Your lovely face of tangerine
For an instant
Flickers on the mental mirror
Of my dusty dreams

A cloud of stars with little islands
Pierces the black wind
With a song
Much lonelier than silence

Millions of me's are playing now
Deep within the saddened
Temple of my soul
I don't know how

So if you must go, do it soon
The show must go on
But once you're gone
All the songs from then on
Will be out of tune

(source: liner notes LP Just Passing Through)

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