w & m by John D Loudermilk
1960 Cedarwood

The screaming lynching gang
Came into town to hang
The pris'ner at the jail
And so we took him from his cell

We took him out of jail
Without a trial or bail
Drug him on the ground
To a hill outside of town

There on a scaffold high
We hung him till he died
Then we even tore
The clothes off of him that he wore

Sometimes it causes me to tremble
Tremble, tremble, tremble

And as his mother kneeled
All the earth was still
Clouds covered up the sun
We all said God's will has been done

The pris'ner's friends then claimed
His body and they laid
Him in a simple grave
Inside a mountain cave

(source Country Hall of Fame No4 John D Loudermilk)

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