By John D. Loudermilk
1967 Acuff-Rose Publ. Inc.

You can have the house we own
Here's my front door key
But you can't take little Joey away
'Cause Joey stays with me

The station wagon you can take
The boat and the water skis
You can have ev'rything that we own
But Joey stays with me

If you must go, I won't say no
Go on and have your way
But as you walk out,
Don't you think about taking Joey
'Cause Joey stays

Here's the bonds and bank account
stocks and policies
Now, ev'rything is in your name
But Joey stays with me

Come on Joey, come on with daddy now
Come on Joey, come on, baby, let's go
Me-ow, me-ow..!

(source: Standard Songs Pop/ Country/ Blues/ Folk/ Instumentals/ Novelty, Acuff-Rose Publications Inc. 1956-1973)

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