By John D Loudermilk
1967 Acuff-Rose Publ. Inc.

Gather 'round men, you I grew up with
My old friends that I used scuff with
Need you around me at this time
You've all had your turn to cry
And old friends stood closely by

Friends of mine
Stand by me
'Cause it's my time
It's my time, it's my time, it's my time
It's my time to cry, uh-hu-huh
It's my time to cry, oh-ho-ho
It's my turn to cry, uh-hu-huh
It's my time

Gather 'round girls, I used to play house with
Come here, girls, I first kissed on the mouth with
I need your tender words so kind
You've all had your misty eyes
But old friends stood by to dry

(source: Standard Songs Pop/ Country/ Blues/ Folk/ Instumentals/ Novelty, Acuff-Rose Publications Inc. 1956-1973)

Hit versions: Everly Brothers, Dolly Parton
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