By John D. Loudermilk
Acuff/Rose -BMI

Over in the Carolinas, where the Atlantic meets the sand
There are many legends of the sea and of the land
This one's a porpoise who'd meet the ships that came
And guide them into the harbor: Hatteras Jack was his name

The treacherous inlet waters covered shallow shoals that moved
But Hatteras Jack could pilot the biggest schooners through
And when the chains would rattle, and the anchor splash the blue
Old Hatteras Jack would put on the darkest act for all the crew

Hatteras Jack, come on back, boy
Hatteras Jack, come on back, son

Many a sailor's seen him, or so the story goes
Absolutely wipe a shark out with his nose
But after the bells and the buoys and the horns came into use
Since the gasoline engine, no one's seen that old goose

Hatteras Jack, come on back, boy ...

(source: liner notes LP Just Passing Through)

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