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Part 6: Unknown songs, foreign covers, info wanted !

There are some foreign songtitles, of which I'm pretty sure these are covers of Loudermilk songs. Of some I only have the title, others I know a cover and/or release but I don't know which Loudermilk original was covered. Here they come: (help ->mail me!)


translation L. Smets/ Adriaan Camiel van Landschoot
guess this is a Flemish cover, could be of Angela Jones
Vivons Ensemble
translation P. Letourneau
Could well be cover of I Wanna Live, Canada by Pascal Normand, Citation CN-25002, 1972
Es ist Zeit, höchste Zeit
text Ralph Maria Siegel
German cover, 1968, may be of It's My Time
Etwas für's Herz
German cover, 1964; not the Geschwisters Hofmann song.
Or is it only a Partitur?
Du fragst nicht viel!
German cover, 1965, or is it only a Partitur?
Was ein Mann sich wohl denkt?
German cover, 1961/62, or is it only a Partitur?
Gör Mig Het
A Scandinavian cover of Turn Me On
La vie vaut la peine
text by Monique Aldebert
Year 1963, a cover of Life can have meaning. release, artist, or is it only a partition de musique?
L'amour ne s'envole pas
text Max François
1962 Newbeats cover, so Thou Shalt Not Steal before Newbeats recorded it, or is it only a partition de musique?
Et tout ira bien
text Jean-Michel Rivat
1964 Newbeats cover, so Everything's Alright, recorded by ... (groupname?), or is it only a partition de musique?
Meine Frau
text Gustav Auerbach
A German Th' Wife?
Occhi grande (grandi?), occhi soli
text Pace Daniele
sounds Italian, may be Sunglasses or Linda With The Lonely Eyes
Quiero Vivir
might be I Wanna Live cover
Sto qui dalle sei
1965, on an LP La Voce di Wilma Goich of singer Wilma Goich; what song being covered?
Ta en titt på stan
A 1965 single by girl group The Kays, "The Swedish Supremes", B-side of Sommarbrud, Fontana 271246 TF. The title means "Take a look at the town", so which JDL-original?
Du er simpelthen O.K.
Denmark, text by Robert Arnold
1961, cover of He's My Dreamboat. Artist...? Or is it only a Partitur?
Spain, a Loudermilk/Murphy composition, not sure if is is John D's song
1968, Fonal RA-013, EP Spain/Mexico

Then these songs come from the BMI database and/ or Library of Congress database but I'm not sure if they were ever recorded.


composer words & music John D Loudermilk unless otherwise specified


Cabin Party Time
Song written in the Universal years, 1956-1960
Al Capone
Blue Myrtle
Brown-Town Barracks
Crier Of The Town
Darling Stranger
Drop In On My Dreams
Going Out With Friends
Hands In Pocket
I Can't Understand It
I Knew You When
I Wake Up To Remember
I Wonder (If You Ever Think Of Me)
I'll Do It
Make Believe Waltz
Married Man
Maybe He's Just Bashful
One Boy
Self Defence
Sit Down Strike
Table For Three
Tell Me Something
Don't Tell Me Anything I Already Know
The Adopted Son
The Girl On The Stage
To Hear You Talk
Traveling Eyes
Two Cups Of Water And A Toothpick
Walking You Home
Where There's A Will
You're Running Out On Me
All these songs were original Universal-Cedarwood songs, so written in the 1956-1960 period.
They were copyrighted later, around 1963, by Acuff-Rose and several are included in the Loudermilk songbook published in the 1970s. But the copy of the lyrics of these songs are still hand-written texts.
Probably these are never recorded/ released songs.
Island Of Love
It Never Happened To Me
Man What A Drag
Mary Brown
Tears May Come
David the Prairie Dog
Everything's the same but me
Loudermilk / Wilkin
All songs co-written with Marijohn Wilkin

Same story as songs above: original Universal-Cedarwood songs, 1956-1960. Most were copy-righted later, around 1963. Possibly never recorded/ released songs.

'Changeable' could be James O'Gweynn on D??
'Island' not the Bobby Bare song, nor Howard Chandler, Gents or Carl Mann's song
'It Never Happened' not the Peggy Lee song
I'm Kissing You Goodbye
Old Enough (To Cry)
Bob Forshee / Loudermilk
Same again: original Universal, copy-righted later. Possibly never recorded/ released songs.
'I'm Kissing' is not the Ray Stevens song,
'Old Enough' not the Ray Peterson thing
One Fella Girl
I Don't Have A Date 'n I'm Free
two probably 1960s songs, may well have been recorded but I haven't found the cover
Maco Light
Loudermilk / Wilkin
An interesting song, about a mysterious light, the ghost of a railroad man, see lyrics
Not the Hugh Grant song, nor the Don Dixon song (cover King Mackerel)
Angel Of Love
Loudermilk / Bill C Phillips
A Universal 1958-1960 song.
Phillips a was recording artist for Columbia who also worked with Kitty Wells
Many songs by the title Angel Of Love, doo-wop, Stu Phillips, Charlie Grace & many more. But these are not the Loudermilk song I guess
Let's Keep Our Secret
Bill Phillips/ Loudermilk
might be 1962
But I Do
Loudermilk/ Paul Cohen
Not in the BMI-files. Found this one in a 1983 publication in the Library of Congres data; Paul Cohen is probably the 1950s Nashville producer
I'm just a Lonesome Bachelor
Loudermilk/ Siegel Jr.
Not in BMI. Co-written with Ralph Siegel, the German song writer who worked in Nashville
Whispering streets
Cooke/ Loudermilk
Not in BMI. I'm not sure who the Cooke is who co-wrote the song
Humming along
In the Dark
Not in BMI
could be 1968 or may be 1980s
Chico's lounge
Here's to your health
Julie (*)
Let's go walking in the woods, my friend
Little doll
Living with the one you love
Lovin' friends
(In) Old San Juan
Pretty David
Rainy morning down in Louisiana
Say goodbye to the boy next door
That's alright with me
Wake up giggle and say (*)
Weaving home
Yesterday's town
These songs are known to exist as bootleg copies of John D.'s album recorded in the 1980s in England. But the album was never released so far. Some very fine songs, well worth to be released after all.

More info and a sample of Old San Juan, see my section unreleased songs

All songs written by John D. Loudermilk, except the two (*) songs co-written with Susan Loudermilk.

The songs haven't been registered in the BMI-files.

Grandma's smile
Black-eyed Susan
Two songs mentioned on the pages of the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.
(I've got my own kick goin') baby you're it
(I've lost) the lust for livin'
(If that's the case) then love is just a waste
(It makes me) appreciate you
Ain't been this lonely
Ain't that my luck?
All I can do (is love you)
Arrows of envy
Average fool
Baby blue eyes
Baby doll
Baby won't you please come home?
Baby, baby me
Back door of my heart
Bacon and mayonnaise
Bad loser
Be nice to me baby
Beautiful lady
Beautiful, beautiful girls
Before my time
Better slow down
Betty bring your gun
Bicycle baby (*1)
Big pain
Billy Johnson
Bowlin' Belinda
Broken heart has no conscience
Broken heart on my hands
Bubble gummer
Burning the midnight oil
Capetown, and you
Charlie thinks he's first
Cheating with somebody else
Come cry again with me
Come on and turn me on
Could it be?
Crazy over losing you
Cupid (where is your flying saucer?)
Daddy's coming home
Dial Barbara
Don't go walking in the smoggy old city
Don't go
Don't it hurt to hear the truth
Don't look at me
Don't look lover
Don't spoil it
Don't trust your senses
Don't wish for anything (that you don't rea ...)
Door of your heart
Down with love
Down with the blues
Draggin' man
Dream of me
Drop me gently
Drug store cowboy
Empty nest
Enemy brothers (*2)
Everybody's got their own kick goin'
Fair weather love
Fat and sassy
Fickled finger of fate
Fire bug
First-string clarinet
Follow them
Foolish girl (where is your confidence?)
For the last time
Get out the blueprints
Ghost picker
Give me a job
Go on without me
Goin' home to Mama and Dad
Good old number one
Good ones are easier to find (than forget)
Goodbye pride
Great big piece of broken heart
Great sickness
Growing pains
Half loved
Hangin' round in my heart
Hard hearted
Has been
Have you heard anything from Jane?
Heart you save may be your own
Hello again
Here it goes again
Hero of Newmarket Town
Hey little lover
Hey lonely woman
Hold me down
Hold me
How the other half live
I ain't like I used to be
I can always dream me some
I can always grow me another heart
I can't find a place to cry
I created a monster (that's eatin' me up)
I don't want your lovin' (if I can't have your ...)
I forget myself (when I remember you)
I get mean (when I get lonesome)
I give up darling
I got you
I guess by now
I heard somebody crying
I hope you're happy now
I just kissed baby goodbye
I just want to know about the future
I know I can forget you
I lose more friends that a-way
I love you just the same
I love you shop
I remember
I think of you
I wake up to remember
I wanna be successful
I'd rather die
I'll stay
I'll wait
I'm alone
I'm building a dream house
I'm having trouble--forgetting you
I'm in love
I'm just busy (missing you)
I'm quittin' on you
I'm settin' sail (for your heart)
I've been waitin'
I, myself and me (The lonely lovers club)
If I can't go with you
If I ever lose again
If someone don't slip and goof up (I'll have y ...)
If you don't dream
In my arms
In the arms of God
In the wind
Individuality (*2)
Islands they are drifting starboard
It can only get you kissed
It just ain't right
It shouldn't never happened
It's a pretty good plan (to forget it)
It's a sad time in Georgia
It's as simple as that
Jalopy Jane
Just trust me
Kit for heartbreak
Last man on earth
Last night I dreamed that same old dream ag ...
Last summer's crush
Learn to lose
Leave the dryer (to help me dry the tears)
Leave well enough alone
Legal-beagle Bradshaw (Attorney at law)
Lengend of the bells
Let me call you sweetheart
Let's move there
Lipstick kisses
Little Lolita (of mine)
Little feller only 5 feet, 23 inches tall
Little things
Lonely wave
Look away
Looking for the wanted man
Looking glass
Looks like it's happening again
Love land
Love me basket
Love revisited
Loving you again
Make the big boat float
Mama's little baby
Mary's on my mind
Mister Nobody
Mister Policeman
Mommy's little monster
Moody, moody ways
More in love than you
Mother of pearl
My Johnny's cryin'
My angel (in a skirt and sweater)
My baby Mazie
My conscience
My darling fraulein
My little ways out
My mind keeps travelin' back to you
My scrapbook of you
Myrtle Beach blues (*3)
Nancy's gone
New Jersey gal
No one but you
Nobody puts my young one's mama down
Nobody's walkin' with me
Not really
Not until
Old coffee pot
Old shoes
Old spots
Older without you
Ole King Twist
Once upon a promise
Other girls
Outta your crowd
Pals of yesteryear
Paper hat umbrella of the times
Party upstairs
Peepin' Tom
Pete and his mum
Pick up th' phone
Picnic (jingle)
Pity the poor
Playin' rhythm in a rinky-dink band
Playin' with fire
Pocket full of kisses
Poor Joe
Poor girl, I kept you guessing
Private first class fool
Private telephone
Promise me anything (but give me love)
Promises, promises
Queen of Lovers Lane
Red grow your kisses
Right time
Rinky dink
Round the corner at the bar
Run, daddy rabbit
Sadest (is your name)
Sea-bees home from the Navy
She's intercepting thoughts
Slow down world
Slow down
Smoochin' on the school bus
Snake charmer
So long from Cecil
So that's what's wrong
Sociable thing to do
Soft waves
South American beauty
Spare my pride
Standing in line
Stay away
Stereo blues
Swinging in the jungle
Take me
Take my love at face value
Teardrops (are washing your kisses from m ...)
Tears (I go crazy when I feel one)
Tears at gate 2
Tears don't go so well with eggs
Teddy bear
Tender and passionate affection
Tender touch (*4)
Tennessee gal
Terri wait for me
Th' dunce cap blues
Th' ole taxpayers dream
That keeps me busy
That terrible frame of mind
Their best
Then I dream of you
Then there's my love for you
There I've said it (now what do I do?)
There you go again
There's a fool following you
They could never take your place
Thieves of the poets time
This (is my love for you)
This is a true story
This is not like you
This pain
This wonderful moment of love
Those big fast jets
Three car family
Time sure drags by
To a lost love
To him
Truth is what you believe
Turn loose
Waiting for you
Walk with me
Walking you home
Welcome to the breaking of my heart
What a difference
What am I doing here in Kansas City?
What am I?
What's wrong with you loving me?
When I found you
When will I ever learn?
When you hold true love in your hands
Where do I stand now?
Where's the happy ending?
While I've been gone
Why don't you call (me back?)
Why take chances?
Wide awake & all alone
Wig-wag mama
Without you
Women are for th' birds
Work little springs
Would you?
Wounded in battle
You can't have him back
You hold the key
You just don't know
You laughed
You should have kissed her more
You took me for a fool
You're doin' this for me?
You've got more lovin' (than you ever can us ...)
Young and the beautiful people
Your rug is dry
This very long list are song titles added in 2003 in the Library of Congres data. They have not been included in the earlier entries in the Library, nor are they copyrighted by the BMI database.
I guess practically all of them haven't been released.
These songs are a mix of some 1950s and many 1960s compositions, along with some later 1970s and 1980s songs.

Some notes:

(*1) This is said to be the first song John D. ever wrote. John had forgotten about it, but Burton Spicer who played with him in the early 1950s reminded him about it when the men met again during the 50-years commemoration of the first hit, Rose & Baby Ruth, in 2006.

(*2) Song co-written with Susan Loudermilk

(*3) An end 1960s song, see section unreleased songs.

(*4) In the Marijohn Wilkin biography by Darryl E. Hicks book ("Marijohn", 1978), John D. is being quoted:
"The Tender Touch was the most important song that we wrote together, it wasn't real succesful but it was very special to us. Marijohn and I had a releationship similar to a brother-sister one, and she would tell me at times of very important feelings that women would have. She said that the touch -a man's touch- was the most important thing about a man; so this song kinda sums up her feelings what's important in a man-woman relationship."
In the Library of Congres data, co-author Wilkin is not mentioned.

Kool Kat
Two more songs mentioned in the Library of Congres data
A Million Tears
Guilty Tears
These 2 Johnny Dee songs are classified as John D Loudermilk songs in the BMI-database. They were released on a song poem label. Probably this Johnny Dee is not Loudermilk though
Johnny Dee (Allstar 7243, 1962)

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