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Part 4: 1970 and later
WB, MusicIsMedicine, Europe, Sailing, Retirement....


composer words & music John D Loudermilk unless otherwise specified


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Thanks To Rumors
Sue Thompson (1971, Hickory 1612)
Michael's Minuet
Instrumental, dedicated to JDL's son Mike, today guitarist for Crystal Gayle
probably unreleased
  LP Elloree
In 1971 Loudermilk's WB album Volume 1 - Elloree was released. Album title refers to a small town in South Carolina, guess a holiday resort for young John D. "There is such a place - in eveyone's heart".
A sort of 'Greatest Hits' in accoustic versions. "Unplugged", we would say these days.
In some ways a strange, unconventional album. An album I like very much, its sober and simple renditions of the songs. But I know some other folks who don't think much of it.

A review says:
Although this album is about as inscrutable in tone and intention as the average Loudermilk LP, it's preferable to most, chiefly because the production is so sparse. The acoustic arrangements emphasize Loudermilk's own guitar and occasional harmonica, although Norman Blake adds some mandolin and dobro. As Loudermilk often segues from one song to another without a break, there's an intimate living-room feel to the proceedings, accentuated by occasional indications that Loudermilk is not taking the project entirely seriously (he breaks into bird whistles at one point, for instance).
The program is something of a greatest-hits set, with "Tobacco Road," "The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian", "Google Eye," and "Abilene" all present, although these are not all Loudermilk's first versions of these compositions (if any are); it's the third time around for "Tobacco Road," in fact. The versions of "Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian" and "Tobacco Road" are bluesier and more down-home than you might expect, though he punctures "Cherokee"'s effect with pseudo-Indian war chants and a flip spoken aside in the middle.
On lesser-known items like "The Jones'" and "Ma Baker's Little Acre," it's really hard, as always, to figure out where Loudermilk is coming from -- if he's trying to offer social protest, social satire, or just make up some silly ditties reflecting the absurdity of contemporary society.

In 1977 a "Volume 2" album followed, "Just Passing Through"
The Habit
A weird instrumental; "hoe-down country blues" labeled on the sheet music
John D Loudermilk (1971, LP Elloree)
Lord, Have Mercy
"This song may make you uncomfortable - I know it does me. But maybe that's good", writes Loudermilk on the liner notes of his Elloree-album.
A bitter song critisizing modern times, not really the song radiostations were eager to play I guess, and the 45 didn't sell.
John D Loudermilk (1971, WB 7489)
When I Was Nine
"When I was nine, you were born", song dedicated to Susan, Loudermilk's wife.
John D Loudermilk (1971, WB 7489)
Ricky's Tune
Instrumental, dedicated to JDL's 2d son Rick
John D Loudermilk (1971, LP Elloree)
In 1972 Loudermilk performed on the UK Wembley Country Festival.
In the review in Dutch music paper "Oor" (1972/9, May 10th), Karel van der Kemp writes:

(...) Anne Murray and John D Loudermilk were the disappointments of the festival. (...)
I was a little shocked after hearing the last album by John D Loudermilk on WB. John lives in Engeland nowadays and lives the life of a retired millionaire. He now has a beard, by which he is as two peas in a pod with Burl Ives. Hij makes awful music which completely mismatched this festival. Incredible, when you realise this man made such outstanding songs as 'A Rose and a Baby Ruth', 'Tobacco Road', 'Google Eye', to mention a few (...)

The reviewer back then apparently was more enchanted by the festival's commercial mainstream country like Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Dottie West.
Chet Atkins (1973, RCA 0146)
The Night Atlanta Burned
Chet Atkins (1975, RCA 10346 as a group "The Atkins String Co")
On The Line
Anne (1942-1995) was an interesting person, folk music performer, historian and writer
Anne Romaine (1976, LP Gettin' On Country)
Ding Dong
(Ding A Long A Ding)
PictCover! Cute, airy song about the dangers which involve little old ladies...,

<- LP released on Derrick

Leon Rausch (1976, LP She's The Trip That I've Been On)
I Believe What I Believe
Rachel age 13 recording for Texas' Derrick C&W label, before she made worldwide fame as a major Stiff recording artist
Rachel Sweet (1976, Derrick 111)
Nancy Peppers (Jan. 1982, Attic NBP 1, UK country singer, a true Christmas single)
Young Beethoven

← single release in picture sleeve

Doug Owen (May 1977, ABC/Hickory 54011)
  LP Just Passing Throug
In the winter of 1977 the album Volume 2 - Just Passing Through was released.

Most songs were written during the travels and sailings of the Loudermilk family over England, Germany, France and the Mediterrenean. The songs originally were recorded in England in 1971-1976. The album was arranged by Jeremy Lubbock.

Flying Fish
Written in 1971, aboard on a schooner from North Germany to the south of France.
John D Loudermilk (1977, LP Just Passing Through)
Union People
Geraldo DiLascio / Loudermilk
probably unreleased
(a.k.a. One String Genesis)
Loudermilk / Jeremy Lubbock
Co-composer Lubbock is a famous arranger who worked with Michael Jackson
John D Loudermilk (1977, LP Just Passing Through)
Hatteras Jack
In the liner notes Loudermilk writes:
This motif shows up in folklore all over the world. There is a "Pelorus Jack" in Australia and a "Cape Jack" in Africa, all doing the same thing: leading ships through treacherous waters into safe anchorage. Even in Greek mythology there are stories of porpoises assisting man. At Fishbourne, in southern England, we saw mosaic floors, one of which had as its center piece the "Boy on a Dolphin"
John D Loudermilk (1977, LP Just Passing Through)
I'll Never Be The Same (Again)
Throughout the 60s and now even into the 70s men have been sold the "young chick" bill of goods: Lolita, Twiggy, the little young innocent girl next door. This is a story of one brief encounter writes JDL in the liner notes.
In fact, the title track to the album, see lyrics
John D Loudermilk (1977, LP Just Passing Through)
Kitchen Song
(a.k.a: Make Me Some Love)
John D. & Susan C. Loudermilk
John D Loudermilk (1977, LP Just Passing Through)
Visions of Goodbye
Song was written in 1968, aboard on a freither hauling bouxite from Surinam. Lyrics
John D Loudermilk (1977, LP Just Passing Through)
Why Can't I Believe In You?
John D Loudermilk (1977, LP Just Passing Through)
What Would It Take
MIM 45 rpm release
A rare 45 on the Music Is Medicine label.
Lyrics What Would It Take
Lyrics More About Love
John D Loudermilk (1977/78, MIM 002)
Every Day I Learn a Little More About Love
John D Loudermilk (1977/78, MIM 002)
George Hamilton IV (1989, cd American Country, shortened to "More About Love")
(Who Are You Mocking,)
Mocking Bird
George Hamilton IV (1978, LP Feel Like a Million)
Pete Sayers (1979, LP Bogalusa Gumbo)
Carike Keuzenkamp (1980, LP Brigadiers Musiek, South African version in Afrikaans "Boemelaar")
Boet Pretorius (2cd 45 Treffers, another South African "Boemelaar")
Classical Country String Ensemble
Instrumental, "dedicated to Ernest Moon, my dear friend, the first man I ever heard play classical guitar"
John D Loudermilk (1977, LP Just Passing Through)
(I'm Coming Home)
LP produced by Adam Faith, with Doug Kershaw, Albert Lee, Jim Keltner as session musicians
Lonnie Donegan (1978, LP Sundown)
Please, Jack
John D Loudermilk (1977, LP Just Passing Through)
Doriden is a sedative drug
probably unreleased
In The Dark
This song, and the next ones, probably are done for a 1979s album JDL recorded in Louisiana. But it hasn't been released (so far).
probably unreleased
a.k.a. That's All You Gotta Know
Nice cajun spiced song
Pete Sayers (1979, LP Bogalusa Gumbo, as "Louisiana")
Jimmy C Newman (1984, LP Wild 'n' Cajun, as "That's All You Gotta Know")
Good Times
Brendan Shine is a popular Irish country artist
Brendan Shine (1984, LP With Love)
Any Mail, Mother?
probably unreleased
Demon Rum
not the same titled Roger Whittaker song
probably unreleased
Drink (Another Drink)
probably unreleased
Here We Go Again
probably unreleased
Johnny's Gonna Get A Spanking
probably unreleased
Life Is Sweet To Me
probably unreleased
Old Folks Cry A Lot More
(Than We'll Ever Know)
Old Folks Cry? Gatemouth and JDL,

Old folks cry a lot more than we'll ever know....?!
(pic: Beth Gwinn)
Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown (1995, cd The Man)
You Call It Joggin'
Live versions of this great, jazzy song can be viewed at Youtube. Mose Allison, who made the song famous, played it live at the Black Swamp Arts Festival 2007 and Andy Wahlberg gives a fantastic performance on harp guitar.
Mose Allison (1989, cd My Back Yard and on many other cd's of Mose)
Jimmy Buffett (1999, cd Beachhouse on the Moon)
Robert Palmer (2002, cd Drive, unreleased outtake)
Cormac Kenevey (2005, cd This Is Living)
Sigge och Jalle (2005, cd Hålla Ja, a Swedish version entitled "Ränna Runt" by Jan Sigurd &Jalle Lorensson)
I Will Be Your Friend
George Hamilton IV (1989, cd American Country)
Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown (1992, cd No Looking Back, duet with Michelle Shocked)
(Blue-Gummed Catahoula)
Alligator Eating Dog
Song about the Catahoula, a Louisiana dog breed. "ears like radar, eyes like fire, feet like a bear, hair like wire", seems to be a rather vicious animal...
Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown (1992, cd No Looking Back)
Hell's Kitchen (2006, cd City Streets)
"one of the few missteps, lyrics like Nancy Reagan" says a review...
Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown (1992, cd No Looking Back)
All But The Flowers

The song is copyrighted in the BMI database for more than 15 years; here JDL performs in the Viva NashVegas show. 2013
John D Loudermilk (2012, first performed on the Marty Stuart Show)

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